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When You Say That You Make Remodeling Easy, What Exactly Does That Mean?

When we say hassle-free, we mean that we communicate clearly with you about each phase before, during, and after the job.  Our absolute attention to detail and the years of experience that our team has both on your kind of project and working together as a team are the result of a finely-tuned process that makes things easy for you. So, you end up without surprises, budget overruns, or busy work that can make things a real hassle. It means that we’ll finish on budget, and on time, too – and make it so you don’t have to worry about anything.

How Do Your Prices Compare With Other Contractors?

There is no question you can find contractors who will give you a lower quote —we won’t even attempt to match them in most cases. The quality of work and our end results are not possible to achieve at those prices. We offer a fair price on a great job that you will love for years to come. We specialize in quality, reliability, and beauty… but don’t be scared off—if you’re like any of our previous customers, you’ll be glad you paid a little more to do the job right, on time, and worry-free.

Trust Renukey For Remodeling That Achieves Your Desired Expectations – And Manages The Entire Process Smoothly, From Start To Finish

Managing a remodeling project can be complex, and it is especially difficult for people who haven’t been in the trade to determine what service to trust. Most contractors tend to basically be good people but few of them understand how to manage a job properly. They might be overbooked, financially strapped, or might have bid your job too low and have to cut corners to make up for it. Renukey provides accurate bids, and stick to them. We are detailed, organized, and expertly managed.

We Protect You From Kitchen Remodeling Budget Overruns

The key is bidding the job thoroughly on the front end, and the ability to do that properly comes mostly from experience. We’ve done so many remodeling projects in the last 30 years that we have a VERY good handle on exactly what a given job is going to entail, and we’ll give you a detailed, itemized estimate so you can review it. The only way the price will go UP is if you (the customer) decide to add things mid-job. We strive to work through as many alternatives and options on the front end as possible to minimize your desire to make changes later.

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