What is a Category 3 Water Damage?

What is a Category 3 Water Damage?

What is a Category 3 water damage? Is it possible to restore Category 3 water damage without professional help? If the damage is minor, you can potentially tackle it yourself, but when it is severe, such as Category 3 water damage, you will need the help of professionals. 

What is a Category 3 Water Damage? – Water Contamination

Category 3 water damage will create an unhealthy and harmful mess, as well as major damage. The contaminated water can cause many health complications as well. So, it is important to understand category 3 water damage and its implications to address the issue immediately.

Causes of Category 3 Water DamageWhat is a Category 3 Water Damage?

Category 3 Water Damage can be caused by flash floods, extended rain events, broken sewer lines, hurricane flooding, and backed-up sewer mains. The contaminated water spreads fast, and the cellulose in flooring and walls works as a food source for the contaminated water. The stagnant air, warm temperatures, and high humidity in your flooded house creates a very favorable environment for mold growth and bacteria in the affected area.

The contaminated water can pose many serious health issues. If you come in contact with the contaminated water, you might develop some severe health complications such as Norovirus, Hepatitis B and C, Tetanus, AIDS/HIV, West Nile Virus, and Tuberculosis.

How to Deal With the Water Damage

For category 3 water damage, you will have to hire a reliable and experienced restoration expert, such as our team here at Renukey. You will need highly trained professionals for this purpose. Make sure that the company is certified to clean Category 3 water damage contamination. The company needs to follow EPA and OSHA standards while cleaning and sanitizing your property. You should not live in your property until it is not properly restored and sanitized. Keep in mind that many different factors can affect the cost of water damage restoration.

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Professional?What is a Category 3 Water Damage?

  • Addresses the hidden mold growth and similar issues.
  • Takes care up cleanup, sanitization, and reconstruction.
  • Reduce exposure to harmful pathogens.
  • Recovers your floors, furniture, and other appliances.

When Will Your Insurance Cover Damage?

Your homeowner’s insurance may cover the water damage. However, you will have to consider a separate natural flooding event policy. Talk to your agent to know more about the available options and to find a suitable one that covers water damage. The restoration contractor can also help you with paperwork. Once you face Category 3 water damage, first, talk to your insurance agent and then only hire an experienced water damage restoration company. Both of them can help you claim your insurance.


What is a Category 3 water damage? From the above, you might have an idea of Category 3 water damage and how to deal with it. Category 3 water damage can cause both emotional and material loss. So, you should never try to deal with this sort of damage without an expert’s help. Bringing your home back to its normal state requires specialized skills.